Muskie Fishing Canada

September 16, 2015 Buck Thornton 0 Comments

Muskie fishing the 1st week of July 2012, 27 fish caught in 1 week, 17 over 40″, here is some of the action.

Canada is home to some of the best locations for musky fishing. Rich in marine resources and the natural beauty of the different lakes that you can find in the country, you can have the ultimate experience with your friends when you try musky fishing.

What makes catching muskies more appearing to many is that unlike other species, it can be quite challenging to catch them. You need to come up with a combination of lures and different techniques for you to be productive and get the most of your fishing activity.

One of the most important factors is the location. Burn Horn Muskies can help you identify the best spots for topwater baits where muskes can be easily found. This can increase your chances in catching muskies.

So, get to know more about musky fishing in Canada. Watch the video and learn a lot from individuals and other guests who have tried fishing with us.

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